Outer Gal-Civ Aligned Space

Outer Gal-Civ Aligned Space is a thin rim of space surrounding Inner Gal-Civ Aligned Space – consisting of some 1000 worlds that, whilst they support and generally follow Gal-Civ law, are outside of the taxation system and policing of Gal-Civ. OGCA is roughly 15 ly in width.

OGCA space trades lugubriously with one another and IGC Space – although those from OGCA are less than happy with taxation and are thus, often, smugglers as well as traders.

The OGCA are some of the largest hirers and employers of Private Mercenary Companies, as they are independent of government and have small standing militias. The OGCA are only inhibited from all out war by the IGC, and specifically they are inhibited from destroying habitable space. OGCA worlds and coalitions will often hire PMCs to expand their areas of influence, defend again this expansion. PMCs are also often hired as additional law enforcement; including investigation should their skillsets be widely acknowledged as suitable.

Gal-Net coverage is generally good in OGCA space, with either new sats or older sats that have survived the time, providing quantum communications. Many arms manufacturers work from out of OGCA space, as it allows them to sell directly to the public without need for a PMC charter – however they also run the risk of being raided (not that they have much fear of that, being well equipped and having many people who would love to take up arms for a decent discount).

OGCA worlds can expect some military support from Gal-Civ should some external force be threatening habitable areas, if Berserkers are attacking there will be a rescue attempt made, and should some spacial galactic disaster occur they will intervene.

Outer Gal-Civ Aligned Space

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