Inner Gal-Civ Space

Inner Gal-Civ space is, legally speaking, the area of space in an 65 light year radius around the system that Penance occupies – it does however also mean those systems and worlds that adhere and sign up to the Galactic Civilisation laws and legal code.

Inner Gal-Civ space worlds and systems are expected to provide tax payment to Gal-Civ (and thus will charge tax on all sales made). Trade in legal goods is otherwise unrestricted and there is little in the way of licensing requirements.

IGC worlds follow the laws as set down by Gal-Civ Congress. The laws can, at times, be convoluted and difficult to follow – but the basic laws follow some simple rules:

  • Murder and attempts at Murder shall be met with imprisonment or, in extreme circumstance – execution
  • Theft of property shall be prosecuted. Property can include physical items, information, thought or artistic creations.
  • Military hardware and weaponry may only be purchased and utilised by registered PMC’s within IGC space.
  • Use of hyperwave communication is strictly prohibited and breaking of this law will be met with the utmost punishment. Plans, attempts or machinations to break this rule will be met with the same.
  • Consorting with the Berserker is treason against all life. The sentence if guilty is death.
  • Purposeful habitat destruction, in the face of the Berserker onslaught, is treason.
  • All races are to be treated equally, where such treatment is unimpeded by resource or requirement.
  • Slavery is abhorrent and no race or individual should suffer under such yoke. The freedom of movement and decision should be open to all.

IGC Space has its own military and space fleet, including IGC Transport (though there is no exclusion of private traders). Mercenaries can freely move through IGC space, may buy and make contract. They are, however, restricted in the types of mission they can perform – and generally assaults and the like are illegal.

IGC space consists of approximately 230 inhabited environs – whether these be moons, stations or the incredibly fortunate untouched planetary world.

Inner Gal-Civ Space

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