Wild Space

Wild space is the area of galactic space outside of the Outer Gal-Civ Aligned Space borders. Wild Space systems are often (but not always) lawless, ruled by despots or rag-tag communities or governmental systems that fall outside of the law-sets demanded by Gal-Civ Space.

Wild Space worlds hire PMCs with monotonous regularity to attack enemies, defend against attacks, take new worlds, space stations, defeat neighbours, clear natural impediments, investigate unusual events…the list can almost be endless. Ground wars, air superiority, space combat or special forces functions…

Wild Space, however, don’t always see themselves this way. And there are many coalitions that almost rival the size of IGC Space.

GalNet coverage is varied from perfect to sketchy at best. As such most worlds use Script.

Many worlds in Wild Space will willingly deal in dangerous narcotics, experimental surgery and slaves (to name a few more illicit products). Questions of validity are often not asked.

Wild Space

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