The Septime Collective

The Septime Collective is a group of seven solar systems bound together under a trade, legal and military alliance. They operate separately to Gal-Civ and the Collective’s space demarcation is nearly 100ly from the edge of Gal-Civ controlled space.

The Septime’s worlds have various manufacturing or production specialisations; ranging from rare ore mining to foodstuffs and electronic goods.

Each system has it’s own governing body that have elected officials that represent them within the Septime Collective. As such each world may have wildly differing bylaws but the method of trial, sentencing and lawmaking remains similar across them.

The Septime runs on a heavily capitalistic government, allowing for the buy out or purchase of official favours quite legally. The elite of the galaxy often travel to the Septime to experience various holiday pursuits – from the ice treks of the moons of No-Ogorok, to the tranquil relaxation on the Shangrilised world of Niictu 2.

The Septime Collective

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