Rogue Farm

Rogue Farms are an oft sought out ancient anomaly of the galaxy, and some treasure hunters spend an entire lifetime searching them out as one of the “big scores”, especially since the destruction wrought by the Berserker.

Although no-one is truly sure who created them, Rogue Farms are automated ships that seek out large asteroids with some un-fathomable requirements. These ships then hollow out the rock, use the raw materials within to begin construction (a dock, life support and power) then seed the inside with organic matter; creating a concealed biological utopia.

These hollowed asteroids are also known as Rogue Farms (which can cause some confusion), but are eagerly utilised for their ability to produce foodstuffs, support life and generally provide a usable habitat for the sentient races of the galaxy.

The contents of any one rogue farm can be variable – with gravity, temperature and contents varying from farm to farm. Occasionally the fauna within can be hostile to other life forms, but the payoff for dealing with these is considered worthy.

There are a few examples of Rogue Farm asteroids within GalCiv space, and the best known is Oodlaught which has it’s seat of power within a gargantuan 300 mile long Rogue Farm.

Rogue Farm

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