Penance Station

Penance Station is the new hub of Galactic Civilization – created from the semi co-ordinated efforts of a thousand systems and formed from a million plus gargantuan starship hulls fused together. The station provides living space, entertainment, commerce, repairs…everything a planet could provide.

However – the resources on Penance are finite, and as such they are a great consumer of all and any goods; from foodstuffs, minerals and machinery to luxury goods and art. If you’ve got it – someone on Penance will buy it (even illegal items in the shadier modules).

Legal & Desired items – Nearly all with the exceptions below
Illegal items – Slaves, Anti-Matter, Narcotics (Exotic)
Exported – Weapons (MilSpec). Penance is a consumer, not a mass exporter.

TAX RATE – On sale of items 2.5% of profit goes as tax.

Penance Station

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