You know those warrior races. The ones who espouse honour and fairness and virtue. Kaush think they’re assholes. Kaush universally worship the god Kaush (after which they named their race); a god of destruction and war who has no concern about how these are played out – only that the participants strive to win.

As such Kaush will sneak, backstab, snipe, trick, overwhelm and generally do anything they damn well please to win a combat of any form. They’re not weak and soft – they merely fight to win, and feel that any ‘honourable’ fighters are merely stupid fighters. Of course this makes them quite unpopular – and they really don’t care about that either.

The Kaush homeworld was a harsh, rough and unfavourable place that caused the Kaush to develop as incredibly hardy and hard to kill people with thick folded skin around a pug like snout and pin sharp yellow eyes.

● Hard as Nails: Kaush shrug off wounds far faster than most other races, and their enhanced metabolism means they regenerate at a staggering pace. They make natural heal rolls every game hour.
● Iron Constitution: Their homeworld was full of plants and prey that literally oozed toxins; evolution makes this no real concern any longer. Kaush are immune to poisons.
● No Proctocologist…: Kaush developed and retained razor sharp claws that literally drip venom when extended. Their claws cause Str + D6 damage and are poisonous (on shaken result, vigor or paralysed for 2d6 rnds).
● Chewy on the Inside: Kaush have +1 toughness
● Nobody Love Me: Kaush are hard nosed, untrusting and generally untrustworthy and are at -2 to Charisma.
● Teddy Bears Hate Me: FfHanz’zadi really really hate Kaush and all interactions are at -4 charisma (on TOP of the -2)
● For a Good Kaush: Their god demands they war, and as such – Kaush will always vie or agree to fight. However they also vow to win – and will refuse anything that they feel is a bad plan (possibly refusing an order and following their own plan).


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