Old earth custom used to dictate that small children be gifted tiny stuffed, fluffy bears. FfHanz’zadi happen to look a lot like these – delicate fur with patterned splotches, big fluffy ears and bright black eyes.

They also have a taste for hot flesh, a desire to prove their honour in battle and an unhealthy taste for personal glory through vicious combat.

Lots and lots of combat.

● Ball of Anger: FfHanz’zadi never let up in combat and will rend and tear through foes with malicious intent. They gain the Frenzy edge for free
● Mismade Rukspin: These evolved warriors are not above using any weapon to hand. Including their hands – they have claws that cause Str+1d6 damage
● Tougher Stuffing: Only the strongest FfHanz’zadi survive the trials of youth, and whether born with it or trained to it; they are tougher than most. They start with a d6 in vigour.
● Don’t Put Them in Your Pocket: Compared to other races FfHanz’zadi are diminutive – the tallest recorded standing at 4’. You have the small hinderance
● Care Labels: The FfHanz’zadi civilization is built on a strong honour code; they will not kill the innocent, never refuse a direct combat challenge, obey the orders of superiors, dislike dishonesty, etc. They begin with the Code of Conduct hinderance.


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