Anti-matter is any material composed of antiparticles, which when they encounter normal matter result in annihilation releasing huge amounts of energy and radiation.

At one time Anti-matter was used as a primary power source for high energy input devices – such as ships drives, Hyperwave jump drives and space stations. However the inevitable dangers of using anti-matter has seen a massive reduction in use – and the trade of anti-matter has become illegal in some systems due to safety concerns.

One of the bonus’ of using annihilation plants (or Annie-Plants) to provide power is that they preform a total conversion of energy – resulting in ‘cleaner’ and more efficient fuel. Ships fitted with Annie-Plants are harder to detect with sensors (-1 to notice rolls) and may add +1 to their acceleration.

However the destruction of an annie-plant can lead to catastrophic consequences and many missing ghost ships are assumed to have been consumed by the failure of an anti-matter containment drive.


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