Kartic Blackhand

Grey hair streak this Human's temples, but his age does little to belie his steely intelligence or icy cunning.


Standing at just under six feet tall, with dark hair other than the silver streaks at his temples; Kartic is an imposing figure.

His mercenary background gave him his physical prowess, and even in his later years he has not lost a willowy agility that lets those who meet him know that he is as deadly as a tiger or a snake. He often wears half plate that has been treated in such a way that it appears grey or black; he cares little for shine and glitter. Whilst Talon, his fabled longsword, is rarely far from his side.

Kartic is a noble landowner and commander of the Blackhand mercenaries – a troop that he built from nothing – and who now command respect across Ninigurien for their battle prowess and habit of ‘getting the job done’.

His two sons – Garnen and Jaric – both command their own troops. But it is his older son Garnen on whom he lavishes the most attention and praise. Jaric, it would seem, has been left to fend for himself and draws little but ire from his father.

Blackhand keep sits North West of Carmynen, imposing and stolid. It is from here that Kartic runs his affairs, troops and watches over his own farmlands, where he intends to retire in his later years.


Kartic Blackhand

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