Garnen Blackhand

The grim eyed and battle scarred brother of Jaric, and son of Kartic. This mercenary inspires confidence or fear - depending on your side.


Garnen, it is said, once crushed a bandits skull with his hands because he had no other weapon at hand. On seeing him for the first time, you’d believe this whole heartedly.

His massive frame is only enhanced by the slabs of muscle across it and the flail that he prefers in combat mirrors his destructive force. The plate armour he wears is daubed in grey, to dim the light and has only one other embellishment – the Blackhand on the chest piece of the mercenary company he will one day inherit.

However beneath the stern, brooding brow of this mercenary captain, peer out eyes with a deep intelligence. Garnen received only the finest training from his father or the scholars his father paid for, spending equal times on the battle ground as in books of tactics and knowledge. Kartic has ensured that his oldest, most loved son will lead the Blackhands even further that he has.

Rumour abounds that Garnen and Jaric, his younger, smaller brother, have never shared a moment of brotherly care. Whether his is through the competition one expects of such a military lifestyle, or through rumours of what happened to their mother – none may know.


Garnen Blackhand

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