The GalNet is a widespread communication and information exchange that allows for near realtime communication across a large proportion of GalCiv space.

Utilising Q-Data Relays from within system and a set of smaller quantum relays, the GalNet allows for its users to engage in conversation, access databases and media from across the galaxy as well as providing a place for secure storage of their own information.

The GalNet data relays all hold enough data storage for the recording of an entire planets history and then some more, which allows the overall Net to provide massive amounts of information to the inquisitive trawler. Of course some investigative power may be needed to find the specific information needed, and not the electronic crowing of a million foil hat wearing lunatics or the latest dancing in zero-G fad.

Berserkers occasionally target the Q-Data Relays, which break a systems link to the GalNet and can also wipe out centuries or decades of knowledge. Whilst the GalNet system specifically tries to create redundancy in the information it stores – but duplicating it our of system – this cannot always be guaranteed. Losses to the knowledge of the galaxy have ranged from musical scores to galactic map details and scientific knowledge.

The destruction of a Q-Data Relays by a sentient being is considered on par with treason and punishable by lifetime incarceration in nearly all civilised areas.


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