The Rifle

This rifle glows with eldritch power and unreadable glyphs

weapon (ranged)

dam: 3d12
Weight: 15
Shots: 4
Min Str: d8
AP6, Heavy Weapon, Snapfire pen


Found on the destroyed remains of a golem when entering the Tomb of Six Peoples, this rifle nearly killed Jaric and would have made short work of the entire group had a fluke of fate not caused it to jam.

It was taken back to Carynma and taken by Kartic Blackhand – part as a gift and part to examine.

During discussions with Haral’s troops, the rifle has been further described as a Myodan Kinetic Launcher.

(Image by sameh-koko2 of deviantART: Used without kind permission (but I’ll remove it if they ask!))

The Rifle

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