Healing Draught

Small transparent phials topped with needles, containing a quicksilver like liquid.


A draught will heal one wound or, if used in conjunction with a successful healing roll to better place it, two wounds. Alternately it may remove one permanent injury if applied within 48 hours of taking the injury.
If a player is ‘dead’ – take half their vigor (ie d6 = 3) – the result is the number of rounds in which a Nanik can actually stabilise and re-invigorate them after taking the felling blow. Though they will still be suffering any permanent wounds.
Only ONE draught may be used per set of wounds


These tiny glass vials have a quicksilver like substance within and are topped by several small sharp pins. The user pushes the pins through the skin of the patient and the potion heals even the most deadly of wounds.
These seems to be produced at a very slow rate by the priests of the Obsidian Isle.

Healing Draught

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