Annihilation Rings

Twinned rings that are connected by an invisible thread


Annihilation rings cause 4d6 damage with AP5, however trying to use them in combat is close to impossible and cause a -4 to fighting and a -4 to parry of the user.


On the world of Ninigurien, these were thought to use magic to accomplish the most amazing of feats. Though with the uplifting of a percentage of the sentient races to GalCiv space, the more technological (though still fantastic) explanation has come to light.

The two rings cannot be split further than around two inches from one another, and anything that passed between the two would be perfectly and neatly sliced as though an ultra hot but equally fine wire had passed through it.

The annihilation rings are actually carefully manufactured alloy rings that are connected by a near monomolecular thread of nanopolymer carbon, allowing for separation at a molecular level.

They are often used to cut through locks, sever bars, planks and baords as well as removing precious stones from settings or taking chunks from some larger item.

Annihilation Rings

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