Horned and hard skinned, this mercenary commander is rough around the edges in every way.


Haral is a Fehlred with a dark azure skin tone and the normal dark swept back horns of all of his race.


He has fought as a mercenary – either as a commander or solider – for nearly a century, he has seen more combat and death than most others can imagine.

His company – Haral’s Hammers have little renown amongst Galactic Civilization. Those in the know, who need small jobs or simple transports will fish his name out from the thousands of other companies out there.

His ship The Negotiable Rights is his pride and joy, only six years old and still as pristine as any Merc could hope for. The Inquisitor Class frigate is still a long way from where Haral would like it to be in terms of load-out, but serves as an ideal multi-role craft; part combat vessel and part drop ship.

As tough as his outsides are, Haral has a soft spot for any of his troops and doesn’t throw their lives around without cause. Unfortunately – as both he and his troops are mercenaries – there is often a lot of cause.


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