A brief history of Ninigurien

It has been two thousand years since the falling. Two thousand years since we were cast from heaven.
The Three Gods of the overworld – Harten, Maul and Shiriden – made all the peoples of Ninigurien, and gave them passage within heaven. There we were happy, full and wanting for nothing. The scriptures of Anasari tell us that all could live forever. But the gods agreed to leave them walk on their own, to not interfere.
But those same scriptures, as read by the priests of the Obsidian Isle, tell us that we angered the gods. We at first walked and talked with those who ruled the heavens, but when we desired more – as our lesser souls will always do – and the holy three would not provide to us…then we turned to the darkness.
The blessed ones who originated from heaven turned to to the Felrehd; the dark ones beneath the earth and begged them to fulfil their desires.
“Make us faster” the old ones begged “Make us stronger, make us more than we are”.
“If you could talk to the gods, then they would make you better.” Said the Felrehd “They only keep their power back because they cannot hear you.”
And so the peoples of heaven built a great sphere that would carry their words to the ears of the gods. But when the gods heard their words, they trembled with anger. Had they not given these creatures form, joy and immortality!?
The skies split asunder and fire boiled the clouds, the earth shook and heaven itself heaved like a beast poisoned.
The gods called their great Berserker, whom the peoples had never before seen. The great destroyers herded all the peoples into a great ship on the orders of the gods, and set alight the sails before hurling it towards the earth below.
The great ship smashed down and created Solace Island. There the people spread across our lands, but lost their godly gifts. They aged and died, and food no longer appeared but had cause to be grown. And dissent fell amongst the Humans and the Suashen and the Belg – and all others who fell from heaven. At first wars were fought, the priests of Anasari tell us the gods wept at the carnage and brought peace once more by destroying the great city of Rahamos with fire. And thus all the people of Ninigurien spread wide, making no one great city or state.
And all give thanks to the great Anasari – he whose words foretold that the gods had given us one last hope for salvation. The gods had placed the sphere that had so damned the People of Heaven to the earth, and given them command. The gods would one day speak to them once more, and until that day the people should wait and toil. Should live and die as punishment for their crimes.
And thus the priests of Anasari watch the great sphere day and night, toiling over it and guarding it – to ensure none should be so foolish as to speak to the three gods and incur their wrath.

Solace Rising

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